Why is it that most people buy when prices are high and run away when prices are low?


Here’s a BUT question I encountered a lot while searching for property in Florida in late 2010. Seemed like the conventional thinking was property prices were going to drop to zero. I remember a particular encounter when this question popped up. It was…

What do you call it when your daughter uses your ‘joking around’ advice and it works?

Many years ago my daughter Chez came home from high school and announced, “Teacher says I have to wear navy blue pants. These black pants are not allowed.”

We had just arrived in England. My daughter’s new school reminded me of Hogwarts, right out of Harry Potter, complete with creepy…

Need an excuse for missing work? Here’s one.

NOTE: I’m writing the follow-up to my current book, ‘ The Adventures of an Air Force Medic.’ My ‘work in progress’ answers the question, ‘What crazy adventure does Sean Mitchell (main character) get up to next?’ This article is a snippet from my first draft.

Setting: Ohio State campus, circa…

Two ‘firsts’ in one trip: First time to San Francisco and first time driving an ambulance.

This is an excerpt from my book, ‘The Adventures of an Air Force Medic.” It’s based on my two years as an air force medic in northern California back in the early ‘80s.

Lt. Sharon Taylor called down the medical ward hallway, “Sean, Elen wants you. She’s in the ER.”

Not sure of the best way, but here’s how I did it.

My book, Dreams of the Philippines: Escape from Clark Air Base, is fiction but based on a trip I took to the Philippines as a young air force lieutenant way back in 1989.

The challenge facing me as an author — how do I take the real life trip and…

Hint: Much the same as getting started at anything.

This article is an excerpt from my book Working my “BUT” off!: Reflections of a property investor, chapter titled, “But, How do I get Started?”

Getting started in property investing is pretty much like getting started in anything.

“How so?” You ask.

  • Well, how do you get started riding a…

Dave Ives

I like to write. Six books so far. Working on number seven. ivesguy.com

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